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Xen & Docker: Made for Each Other!

By Olivier Lambert Containers and hypervisors are often seen as competing technologies – enemies even. But in reality the two technologies are complementary and increasingly used together by developers and admins. This recent article talked about this supposed battle, noting however that developers are using Docker in traditional VMs to bolster security. Containers allow [...]

Xen Project Maintenance Releases Available (Versions 4.4.1, 4.3.3, 4.2.5)

I am pleased to announce the release of Xen 4.4.1, 4.3.3 and 4.2.5. We recommend that all users of the 4.4, 4.3 and 4.2 stable series update to the latest point release. Xen 4.4.1 Xen 4.4.1 is available immediately from its git repository;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/stable-4.4 (tag RELEASE-4.4.1) or from the XenProject download page This release [...]

Xen 4.4 Released is pleased to announce the release of Xen 4.4.0. The release is available from the download page: Xen 4.4.0: Download, Source (tag RELEASE-4.4.0), release notes. Xen 4.4 is the work of 8 months of development, with 1193 changesets. It’s our first release made with an attempt at a 6-month development cycle. Between Christmas, and [...]

Results from the XCP User Survey

A few weeks ago, we launched our first XCP User Survey. We nearly had 500 responses when I compiled a preliminary analysis of the survey results. First, I wanted to thank everybody who participated. Of all respondents 38% of respondents are using XCP today, 40% are evaluating XCP or planning to do so and 22% [...]

Linux 3.3!

On March 18th, Linux 3.3 was released and it featured a number of interesting Xen related features. Re-engineered how tools can perform hypercalls – by using a standard interface (/dev/xen/privcmd instead of using /proc/xen/privcmd) Backends (netback, blkback) can now function in HVM mode. This means that a device driver domain can be in charge of [...]

Xen in Linux 3.2, 3.3 and Beyond

Linux 3.2 Linux 3.2 was released on Jan 4th and compared to earlier kernel releases, this one was very focused on fixing bugs reported by the community. Thank you!! Issues that caused lots of bug reports were: The xen-platform-pci module (used for HVM guest to enable PV drivers) was frequently not included in the installer [...]

Hypervisor profiling using GCOV

From Tej Bewith on xen-devel: gcov is a test coverage program. generally used with GCC to analyze programs to help create more efficient, faster running code and to discover untested parts of your program. Software developers also use coverage testing in concert with testsuites,  to make sure software is actually good enough for a release [...]

2008 Community Yearly Review

Xen Community: As I finish my first year as community manager for, I thought I would take a few moments to highlight some of the community’s accomplishments for 2008. If you want more details, I have added a relevant web link or you can contact me directly. I would also like to thank each [...]

Xen 3.3 Feature – C & P State Power Management

One of the notable features of Xen 3.3 is to incorporate full support for processor power management features, C-states and P-states. Power management is getting more crucial not only for clients, but also for servers. C/P is from ACPI nomenclature which stand for different set of power/thermal technologies. Combining both, Xen 3.3 is now expected [...]

Xen 3.3 Feature: Optimized HVM Video Memory Tracking

From Samuel Thibault: When having a look at how much CPU time is used when an HVM guest is idle, one can notice that the ioemu process used to permanently take something like 7%. This is because ioemu used to keep checking the content of the HVM video RAM for modifications, because setting up a [...]

Xen 3.3 Feature: PV-GRUB

From Samuel Thibault: The traditional way to configure a PV guest is to write in the configuration file the path to the kernel/initrd to be loaded.  However, logically enough, these should be on the PV guest disk image, to allow them to be managed by the distribution installed inside the PV guest.  PyGRUB used to [...]

Xen 3.3 Feature: HVM Device Model Domain

From Samuel Thibault: To provide HVM domains with virtual hardware, Xen uses a modified version of qemu, ioemu.  It used to run in dom0 as a root process, since it needs to directly access disks and tap network.  That poses both a problem of security, as the qemu code base was not particularly meant to [...]

Xen 3.3 Feature: Stub Domains

From Samuel Thibault: Domain 0 running a lot of components like physical device drivers, the domain builder, ioemu device models, PyGRUB, etc. has been worrisome from a security point of view, particularly since most of them run as root, and thus breaches there would potentially be disastrous.  It also poses scalability issues since the hypervisor [...]

Xen 3.3 Feature: Shadow 3

Shadow 3 is the next step in the evolution of the shadow pagetable code.  By making the shadow pagetables behave more like a TLB, we take advantage of guest operating system TLB behavior to reduce and coalesce the number of guest pagetable changes that the hypervisor has to translate to the shadow pagetables.  This can [...]

Xen 3.3 Feature : Memory Overcommit

From Dan Magenheimer at Oracle: Memory overcommit provides the ability for the sum of the physical memory allocated to all active domains to exceed the total physical memory on the system.  For example, if your machine has 4GB of RAM and you want to run as many 1GB domains as possible, you can run at [...]

Xen 3.3 Feature Details Community: As part of the Xen 3.3 release, I have asked the various development authors to supply me with information on their new features. Over the next few weeks, I will be posting their overviews  to this  blog to give everyone further information on the features in the new release.

Xen 3.3 DataSheet Proposal

Xen Community: As with all things in the community, I would like to give everyone a chance to comment on a new document. The upcoming release of Xen 3.3 requires the release of a new 2 page datasheet. Here is a proposed document that I recently wrote – xen33datasheet.pdf. Please send me any of your [...]

Xen 3.4 Feature Requests

With Xen 3.3 in final testing, it is time to start thinking about what features you would like to see in Xen 3.4. If you have any ideas for Xen 3.4, please send an email to xen-devel with Xen 3.4 in the subject line. This will allow people doing development to consider your idea for [...]