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Ian Pratt at FOSDEM

Ian Pratt spoke yesterday at the 2008 Free and Open Source Software Developers’ European Meeting. You can read his pre-event interview here and get his slides from the presentation here. I will be adding the link to this posting when Ian’s presentation video is posted on the FOSDEM site.

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  1. MatthewHooker says

    At the presentation I’m sure fault tolerant systems were mentioned using ‘lockstep’. I can find research papers regarding this and a product by a commercial company that appears to use this technology but nothing about it on the Xen site.

    The video from the presentation is not online (yet) and I can’t find the slides.

    Does/Will Xen (in its open source guise) support this?

  2. Stephen Spector says

    I have asked Ian Pratt or Keir Fraser to respond to your technology question and should have an answer posted shortly. As for the Slides, they are located at I have also not seen the video show up yet on the FOSDEM website but will add that link. Thanks for the questions.

  3. Ian Pratt says

    There are a number of projects to add Fault Tolerant capabilities to Xen, and we’re looking to get the best features of each incorporated into mainline Xen in due course.

    The Remus project at the University of British Columbia uses high-rate checkpointing, and thus SMP guests aren’t a problem. There’s a paper on this apperaing at NSDI.

    Peter Chen’s group at the University of Michigan has done a lot of work on using determinisitic replay for Fault Tolerance. George Dunlap’s paper at VEE shows this can be extended to SMP guests for some applications:

    There’s also Daniel Stodden’s ongoing work presented at XenSumit #4.

    There’s also a commercial Fault Tolerant product already on the market for Xen, Marthon’s EverRun FT that works on top of Citrix XenServer.

  4. Boris Quiroz says

    It looks there’s a problem with slides’ link. There’s a dot at the end… ;)

  5. bbjoern says

    I just found the video online: (333 MB)

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