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Xen-API Community Project

Several community members have contacted me recently about the Xen-API utilities. I looked into this and discovered a great opportunity for community members looking for a project to contribute to. So, I am announcing a new community effort to complete the development of the Xen-API utilities. If you are interested in working on the Xen-API project please email me at and I will call a meeting in mid-May with all people interested to get the project underway.

NOTE – This interface is not to be seen as a replacement for the existing XML-RPC interface and people should not infer anything by this project.

Here are some thoughts on the importance of the Xen-API if you are considering joining this community effort:

  • Xen-API cleans up a lot of the cruft of the older APIs
  • Authentication aspect to the Xen-API allows the API to be used off-box securely
  • Xen-API’s event registration / dispatch piece is much better than the old API, making it much easier to build web GUIs or health monitors
  • The Xen-API has two mechanisms, one for synchronous task invocation, and a congruent one for asynchronous tasks. This means, for example, that you can reboot a VM, and either block waiting for it to complete, or get a task handle and poll back later. This gives application developers the freedom to choose how they interact with Xend
  • Xend will get a code update from this project and will give developers a chance to learn more about xm as well as Xend (Xend is written in Python)
  • Xen-API already has C and Python bindings in the Xen tree; Ruby bindings are also rumored to exist

Available information on Xen-API:

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3 Responses

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  1. deshantm says

    What is the current relationship between libvirt and Xen-API?

    Quoting from the XenApi wik page, it says that this is the goal:

    “Behind [the XenApi] interface, we would then be free to improve Xend, and at the same time we give a solid foundation for third-party tools (in particular libvirt-based applications), GUIs, and so on. The API becomes effectively part of the “guarantees” of the Xen project.”

    I am also wondering if active collaboration with libvirt developers is also intended? Or is that a separate issue?

    I would be interested in learning more about this, since I have an idea for a simple app to help users setup networking. The Xen-API or libvirt is probably the best place for it (if it doesn’t exist already)

  2. Stephen Spector says

    Thanks for the comment. At this time, my intention is to get a group of people willing to work on completing the existing Xen-API specification. Once it is complete, the community can then decide the next steps in terms of integration with libvirt or other tools.

Continuing the Discussion

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