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Help finding a web catalog search tool

Xen Community:

I am looking to build an online search tool that allows Xen customers/prospects to search for solutions using/based on Xen. The search tool would take the prospects to a web page with content maintained by the solution provider – open source or proprietary. I believe adding this feature to would be a great tool for all the businesses based on Xen.

So, anyone know of anything available that I can use? I spoke with a company last year in Minnesota  that offers something usable for about $20,000 so I am hoping to find something a bit more affordable. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Stephen Spector says

    I found one site with the open source project, osCommerce. ( this tool is interesting but I don’t really need the ordering portion, only the catalog aspect so this solution seems overkill. Thoughts?

  2. cyberneticos says

    “something usable for about $20,000”

    Hahahaha holy moly

    Forget about Oscommerce. Definetely overkill, also a hacker magnet.

    I would think any type of yellow pages type program should work. I used to use one called phpMyDirectory , which worked out very well. It’s still $99 per licence. Very configurable:

    But I’m sure there are a few GNU ones around. But this one is very profesional.

    I’m checking out the screenshots for xengine. Looks very nice. I’ll be checking up on this periodically.

    Thanks for all the info and help !!!

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