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IBM Announces Open-OVF Project

Announcing the open-ovf project and source code availibility.

Hi folks, we are announcing the availibility of source code for the open-ovf project. OVF is a standard packaging format for virtual machines and software appliances. The open-ovf project is seeking contributors and users to help establish OVF as a transparent and platform-nuetral method for packaing virtual machine images.
We anticipate being able to deploy a single OVF package to either Xen or KVM. Eventually expanding that list to include VMware, Hyper-V, and other platforms. Getting to that point will require community contributions.
For a quick summary of OVF and the open source project, see the .pdf from the recent Xen summit located at:
The open-ovf project is hosted at sourceforge:

And source code is hosted in a git repository:
Scott Moser <> is the project maintainer.

– Mike Day

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  1. Henning Sprang says

    Would be cool to also include Virtualbox (or, if Sun would also implement support for such a format in virtualbox), as here, on Desktops and Workstation, used by end-users, it’s still a lot of fiddling to package and distribute VM’s for others.

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