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Xen Mascot?

Ian Pratt and I were discussing the fact that open source Xen has no “mascot” like other open source projects and we joked about some possibilities (see my list below). I am curious to see what ideas the community has for a “mascot”. NOTE – this is just for fun and I don’t anticipate Xen having a mascot anytime soon.

JabberJaw -  jabberjaw.jpg

Kenny the Shark – kennyshark.jpg

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3 Responses

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  1. djm says

    Building on the history of the name “xen”, how about a cartoon alien? Looking on, I kind of like this one:

  2. Stephen Spector says

    Another response from community:

    I think it’s a great idea and I think a shark is a good start.
    However, it’s a bit too aggressive for my taste, so here are two of my ideas. Only in text form though, cause I suck at drawing, but maybe it’ll give you some inspiration:

    1) Racing Turtle (no, this is not ment as an insult to Xen :) ):
    Basically a turtle, standing and wearing some old fashioned racing or flight googles and running shoes.
    2) Flight Traffic Ferret: A ferret in some kind of uniform (not too much uniform though) and with two of those stick-like flight directing lights (don’t know the proper name, hope you understand what i mean) in its hands.

    From the general theme, the second one would be my favorite, but ferrets don’t have many distinguishing features that could be drawn in a style like the Linux penguin or the BSD devil for example. Might depend on the artist though.

  3. cmdln says

    I vote Miyagi.

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