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Community Assistance with Presentation

Next week I will be part of a panel on virtualization at an HP event in NY for financial CIOs.  The panel is focused on these topics about open source software and virtualization, listed below. If you have any thoughts that you would like expressed by me at this event let me know. This is a great chance for our community to express our thoughts on virtualization and open source in the enterprise.

  • Open Source vs Proprietary Virtualization
  • Challenges / issues customers face with virtualization in the enterprise
  • Open source applications vs proprietary applications for virtualization
  • What – Where – How to Virtualize
  • Cloud Computing – What are Risks?
  • Virtual Appliances

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2 Responses

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  1. deshantm says

    One of the most important points to stress, which touches on most of the categories above, is that virtualization customers must demand that open standards are followed by all the virtualization players.

    Don’t allow any one vendor to lock them into a particular solution. Virtual appliances should be able to be moved between different virtualization systems seamlessly.

    There are interoperability problems between operating systems, documents, browsers, etc.. Virtualization becoming ubiquitous is a real chance to fix some of those problems for customers and users.

    Promoting and using open source and open standards is a really important part of bring virtualization to the next level.

  2. khightower says

    One thing I would like to see highlighted is the fact that open source projects like Xen give everyone a ticket to the big dance.

    Without a project like Xen, virtualization would be out of reach for a lot of researchers and corporations alike. It seems that Xen is to infrastructure what Linux is to the OS.

    Its nice to see big vendors, universities and volunteers working to advance the future of computing for everyone. This is more proof that the community can really make things happen when they work together.

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