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Yesterday I met with to discuss how can better leverage their site and community. One interesting idea which I thought worthy of community feedback was the centralization of all projects associated with Xen into a single “portal” with a shared Wiki, message board, etc. This concept would allow people interested in Xen to learn about ALL the Xen inititiaves in development and ensure that multiple groups could work together on similar ideas instead of working separately without knowledge of each other.

What are your thoughts? I know that many projects currently underway are hosted on a variety of sites (e.g. Google) and I have created a Projects page to better promote them.  However, doing a quick search on Xen of the site turned up 63 projects; I do realize that not all of them are related to Xen but there were some projects that I was unfamilar with.

I look forward to your thoughts on this idea…

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  1. deshantm says

    I like the idea of a portal, but it will take some time, communication, and organization to make it.

    I find it really interesting that there are a lot of sourceforge projects that use Xen in one way or another.

    I think it would really help and give exposure to more projecs and xen-related stuff if there was something like… Would you, with help, be able to go about contacting all the projects and finding out if they wanted to be listed on the portal and in what category?

    Quite awhile back we made a mini portal to all things COSI + xen. It has given hits to some of our projects.


  2. deshantm says

    Another thing that would be really nice is if each of the project listed had some presence on one of the mailing list, xen-users, xen-devel, or the like so that when we recommend trying the projects and users run into questions or problems then there is a good contact that can help out.

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