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Finally a Xen Kernel in Debian Lenny

Good news for Debian users.

After quite a long while of doubts if there will be a working, complete Xen environment in the upcoming Debian Lenny, there are Xen packages with an up to date dom0 Kernel available:

Thanks to the debian guys who put their energy into getting this solved (whoever actually made these patches, I don’t know yet) ! Still, I guess we’re all looking forward bein able to use real vanilla pv_ops kernels for dom0, as well as for domU with a full feature set…

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  1. mhascoat says

    Actually, I think the people who’ve made it run are the SUSE guys.
    Just another word for the one migrating from kernel 2.6.18 to this new one the console will work fine adding extra = ‘xencons=tty’ in the domu’s config
    finally migrating the domu fro etch to lenny will recquire udev package to be installed for the ssh to work.
    Hope this’ll help

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