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Community Manager Goals for 2009

Welcome to 2009 and what looks to be an amazing year for the community and Xen hypervisor project. With 4 Xen Summits being planned for North America, Europe, and Asia as well as new efforts in Latin America, I expect this to be a breakout year across the globe. In addition, the upcoming release of the Xen Client Initiative’s foundational efforts for a Xen client hypervisor should keep everyone busy working on new innovations in both client and server virtualization.

As the community manager, I would like to share my three goals for the year to better assist the community. As is customary, I look forward to your thoughts and ideas for these focus areas:

1. Global – I plan to move the project to a new level of globalization in terms of language support for the website, wiki, and documentation as well as provide new opportunities for community members from around the world to meet in person or virtually to share ideas, etc.

2. Community – I plan to expand the current community by reaching out to users, researchers, testers, and developers that are currently not fully engaged but looking for ways to help. This work is already underway with the new social networking Xen communities in Facebook, Ohloh, LinkedIn, Xing, etc. I also plan to spend more time leveraging these existing tools for the betterment of our community.

3. Xen Summits and Events – I am very excited to see the expansion of Xen Summit from a primarily North American event to a series of global meetings with plans for Berlin and possibly China or South Korea in 2009. The recent success of Xen Summit in Tokyo, hosted by Fujitsu, shows the demand that exists for these events. I am also looking forward to a possible sponsorship of an event in Brazil as well as our first ever booth sponsorship at NGDC/LinuxWorld in August 2009. Along with these community meetings, we will continue to support and expand upon our Xen hypervisor training series at USENIX events.

I look forward to a great 2009 and want to again thank everyone in the community for helping to make the Xen hypervisor the leading open source virtualization solution. Please contact me with any ideas or questions you have.

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  1. deshantm says

    I really think #2, Community, has come a long way.

    Two questions on how things might be even better…

    Do you know of or can you take a look for a way to link as many of those services together to be viewed in one convenient way, such as through an RSS feed?

    Along the same lines, would it be possible for the community to have a central place for outstanding questions and out of that a way to generate frequently asked questions?

    One idea would be to leverage:

    I am pretty sure the Canonical has launchpad open source now, so there may be a way to tie it to the other places that people are asking questions, in an effort to centralize the linking of the community and outstanding/frequently asked questions.

    Tangentially to the above, also has a way for projects to be linked it, including the bugzilla. It might just be one more way that Xen bugs can be found, added to and know about.


    Maybe the projected can be added there and linked to the existing bugzilla and other related websites.

  2. Stephen Spector says

    Thanks for the ideas…I am working with the Markmail team to add more xen mailing lists into the main searches to offer people exposure to support mailing lists outside of the main lists.

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