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Xen Demo CD

In past editions of Xen, a Demo CD was created that allowed users to try Xen without having to do an install; e.g. There have been no new creations of this Xen Demo CD since this release. I have received several requests from prospective users of Xen to create a new Demo CD. If anyone is interseted in creating a new Demo CD let me know and I can help organize some people to create one – don’t want to have duplicate efforts.

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  1. martinx says

    I’ll gonna make it.

  2. Stephen Spector says

    Great, once it is done we can host on the site. thanks.

  3. verwilst says

    I’m willing to help!

  4. deshantm says

    It would be nice to also host the raw content and scripts to generate it in a version control system. That way when updates, etc. need to be made, it can be done and people can post patches, etc..

  5. smaresca says

    The VMKnoppix project has been packaging xen along with several other virtualization solutions for some time now. Seems like they left off at 3.2.1, but perhaps it would be easiest to start updating this project for purposes of getting a cd out more quickly. In any case, its xen 3.2.1 is much more recent than the now ancient 3.0.3 livecd.


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