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Multiple Languages on : Test

Xen Community:

I am starting a new effort in translating the site to multiple languages. Since I am not sure what language is most in demand and even if the community is looking for this type of feature; I am running an experiment on the About Xen page (

I have currently posted the page in English, German, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, and Spanish. I am still waiting for the Korean translation to be completed before posting.

Take a look and let me know your thoughts.

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7 Responses

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  1. Boris Quiroz says

    Great idea!
    But, while I was reading the spanish translation I detected a few grammar/translation errors. I will fix them and email you the text.

  2. Guanqun says

    I would like to contribute to the translation project, and I would like to know which pages need to translate. Thanks.

  3. zhigang says

    why no chinese?

  4. zhigang says

    I have just created a wiki page which contains the translation:概述

    you can just copy the code and make some corrections to the link and heading format.

    guanqun, you can make some corrections to that wiki page.

    to edit that page, you should have a wiki account and should appy wiki edit permission from Stephen Spector.



  5. Stephen Spector says

    I have Chinese ready for review at The page is not yet linked up and active so please take a look and let me know if you see any problems. thanks.

  6. zhigang says

    most of it works! except the links. you should convert the MoinMoin wiki links ([xxx:xxx]) to HTML links: xxx

    and a proposal to the original page:

    * we are releasing xen under not

    * there are some punctuation usage errors:

    or more “virtual servers,” => or more “virtual servers”,

    from faulty or malicious drivers => from faulty or malicious drivers.

    Case Studies: Brandeis University, Pivot3 & ATG => Case Studies: Brandeis University, Pivot3 & ATG.

  7. msinhore says

    I would like to contribute to the portuguese translation. Let me know what I need to do to contribute. Perhaps more people can help.

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