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New Project added to Xen Project Page

I have added information and a link to a new project on the Project Page: Isolated Execution; project home page is

For more information on this project, see

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  1. deshantm says

    This is actually a really neat project.

    I went through the (somewhat long) install instruction last week and I am looking into adding a Linux-based sandbox VM to it.

    The basic feel of the prototype system (a pre-alpha) is that you can right click an executable on your User VM and it does some tricks so that that executable runs in a Sandbox VM. That way, if that executable turns out to be a virus, you just destroy the Sandbox VM and no harm was done. A really nice concept.

    I am doing somewhat similar work for my PhD dissertation, I hope that I can get an alpha product out sometime in the next few months.

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