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Xen Community Weekly Update – New Format

I am launching a new format to the Xen Community Weekly today and have a few questions for the community:

1) Do you want to have a complete list of patches released during the week in this document?
2) What type of information from xen-users would people like to see in the weekly status?

The weekly updates are now available on the Xen Wiki at

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  1. deshantm says

    I think there is good information in the fedora weekly newsletter:

    Summarizing and then providing a link to read about the details.

    The wiki page to XenWeekly doesn’t allow me to view it (yet?).

    Would it be possible to get the weekly update as an RSS feed?

  2. Stephen Spector says

    I agree. The Fedora update is amazing and must take a long time. I will put aside extra time each week to work on the community update but am not sure I can reach their level of detail.

  3. Stephen Spector says

    It appears that the Wiki can support RSS feeds but can’t really tell how to set that up based on a quick read of the Wiki support sites. I can post the weekly information on this blog with a link to the Wiki which I assume you are getting via RSS. Is that a viable solution?

  4. deshantm says

    Looking good. I like the start that you have made. The wiki is editable, so the newsletter could be a community effort too.

    Just having some notes on what happened over the week will help those of us who are too busy to follow everything to get a sense of what is going on.

    The Xen community is really fast moving these days it seems.

    I am following the RSS feed from the wiki changes, so posting things on the wiki works just find.

    For the sake of others that may want to follow the wiki changes as well, here is the link that you can get the RSS feed from:

  5. Stephen Spector says

    Check out the new version I started for this week – I am summarizing Xen Devel and Xen Users; will be doing this daily:

  6. deshantm says

    I really like that format and also markmail is a really nice way to view the threads.

    That will work well with google searches too. People looking for Xen solutions will likely find them through the wiki and be able to follow up in the markmail threads.

    It is really coming together. Nice work.

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