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Launch DomU from Images

In the third posting on my explorations with Xen 3.3.1, I am going to highlight the steps I followed and problems I had when launching several pre-built DomU images from

1) I downloaded three DomU images from – Debian, Fedora, & Slackware . NOTE: Make sure you go to and not I got the same website but only was able to download from the non-www site

2) I modified the configuration files as in my previous posting ( and  also added the extra=’xencons=tty’ line.

3) Standard steps to start Xen and run the DomU -
sudo xend start
sudo xm list (ensure Dom0 running)
sudo xm create -c fedora9
sudo xm list (ensure DomU running)

4) To get to the fedora9 DomU – type sudo xm console 2 ; to switch back Control + ] ; NOTE – these commands should be done in the same terminal that the xm create command was entered in

Finally, the images are all text based so don’t expect to see a new window launch with an X-Windows Interface. This was something I expected and cost me a few days to figure out.

Stay tuned, in my next post I plan to take a full graphical Linux OS and turn it into a DomU.

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  1. baraka says

    In a CentOS 5.2 DomU under a 3.3.1 Dom0, I’ve been unable to startx above 800×600 using fbdev driver… It’s disapointing

  2. Boris Quiroz says

    I’ve set up a debian image with X-window environment and then I took control of it with vncviewer from my laptop. I think we could do prepare a couple of images with X and vnc or something to community uses.

  3. tinkertim says

    I’m one of the contributors to jailtime. The purpose of the images are to give you a bootable, minimum base from which you can make your own virtual machines or appliances.

    For instance, you might want to make templates for MySQL cluster nodes, or Apache / PHP servers, or other common combinations .. or even a full fledged desktop with KDE. Mostly, the images are built with server or experimentation use in mind.

    Most people using the jailtime images just want to play with Xen or have a very task specific purpose in mind. Since its rather difficult to strap a foreign OS from most distros, the images are handy. Plus, they save you quite a bit of time. They are very popular with web hosts.

    Think of them like building blocks to make virtual appliances, or the minimum base to make whatever else you need.

    Images with X / KDE / GNOME etc would be nice, but also considerably larger. If there were more mirrors, it might be practical to include full desktop templates.

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