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The new Xen Champions community and I have been working on a new 2 Page brochure that can be used at events, meetings, etc where you want to have a handout about the community and technology. The attached pdf is the final result of that work; however, community contributions are always available so please send any updates or changes for consideration.

Final PDF –

Open Office (editable) Documents – &

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  1. Stephen Spector says

    Translation – I would like to get versions of this document available in Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and other language people would like. Please contact me if you have time to do a quick translation and I can work on the layout. Thanks.

  2. Boris Quiroz says


    We’ll take care of the spanish translation. Somebody from Substance will send it to you next week

  3. Stephen Spector says

    Portuguese Edition –

    Thanks to Marco!!!

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