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Xen-Users Mailing List Most Common Questions Document

Xen Community:

Over the past 3 months I have been creating weekly summaries of the xen-users and xen-devel mailing lists in my Weekly Summary posts at Several community members encouraged me to track the information to assist them in navigating the long list of emails that stream through the very active mailing lists. Using these summaries, I intend to create a Xen-Users Most Common Questions Document to assist new and existing community members with frequent questions. Hopefully, this will reduce the amount of redundant questions asked in the mailing list and also give people a chance to find answers in a more timely fashion.

As I put this document together, I would like to get input from the community on questions/answers that you believe should be included. Please send me any questions/answers that you would like in the document and I will be sure to include them. I plan to spend the next week gathering data and hopefully publish an initial draft next Friday for community review.

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  1. smaresca says

    Stephen, as you might imagine, I have encountered quite a few questions in my time at Freenode##xen. I’ll get you a list.


  2. tinkertim says

    Can you update this post with a rough draft? I started something similar early last year, I’m now trying to find it in my backups. It contained answers to many problems that were not Xen’s fault, such as slow upstream ARP caches that can be circumvented by specifying a static MAC.

    Perhaps your intern (when they surface) can put something together like , but just for Xen? Or just encourage the use of the xen tag at stackoverflow?

  3. Stephen Spector says

    Thanks for the link to StackOverflow. Very interesting tool. I think a Xen only tool might be too limited as I like the idea of Xen sitting within the overall community Q&A listings – that way Xen can be available to a wider audience. Will put a post to people to look at this site and use xen tag.

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