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Simon Crosby on new Cloud Xen Project

Today announced a significant expansion of its charter – the Xen Cloud Platform – with support from the key Xen contributors and project advisory board members, the Linux Foundation and some of the Industry’s largest enterprise cloud providers.

The new initiative will unite the Xen community in the delivery of a complete virtual infrastructure platform designed to enable cloud providers to offer rich, enterprise-class infrastructure services.

Why is doing this? Is it an act of desperation or capitulation? Is KVM about to eat Xen’s lunch? Does the Xen community fear a “v” imprinted on every Cloud? Having spent the week before VMWorld briefing press and analysts on our intentions, and getting a read of their views, it’s likely that a few will see this as a reactive move. But several of the leading journalists and analysts have correctly analyzed our intentions, which I hope to explain in more detail here.


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  1. msinhore says

    Great initiative!! I’m glad to help with something! I’m working in an orchestration application as you know. My doubt is, the API spec will be like Citrix XenAPI used in XenServer platform?

  2. Stephen Spector says

    The API specification being released from Citrix is the entire XenServer XenAPI. The specs are available at the Citrix CDN site and Citrix Engineering is doing a review to ensure that there is no code in the API that would be an issue for open source release. I am still waiting for Citrix to get me the final release date.

  3. msinhore says

    It’s very nice. But, I have more one doubt: will the XenServer Essentials (HA, StorageLink, etc) is in this pack?

  4. Stephen Spector says

    The XenServer Essentials product will not be open sourced, that will continue to be a closed product that Citrix sells; however, the XenSever API being open-sourced does have HA in it from Marathon and that will be open to the community.

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