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XCP Tutorial – Installing Windows PV Drivers

In my continuing series of XCP tutorials, I am focusing today on the installation of PV Drivers on your Windows Guest. In my last tutorial, I reviewed the steps in installing a Windows 7 guest on XCP, see here.

STEP 1 – Have your Windows Guest up and running and visible via your console, in my case OpenXenCenter. (Note: this is not a requirement but made things easier for me)

STEP 2- Connect to your XCP machine via a SSH terminal

STEP 3 – Free any existing CD connections to the VM via the command xe vm-cd-eject vm=<target VM name>

STEP 4 – Connect the VM CD to the Windows PV Drivers ISO already on your XCP machine via the comment xe vm-cd-insert cd-name=xs-tools.iso vm=<target VM name>

STEP 5 – Back on OpenXenCenter, I saw a window asking me to install the drivers via an executable. I simply followed the instructions and all things were installed!

More info on CLI commands and examples at

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