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XenClient – It works!

I recently received a new laptop from Citrix as my old laptop was very suspect (as those of you at Xen Summit at AMD are aware) and took some time today to install the XenClient product. XenClient is the client hypervisor built within with some management features from Citrix that make it easy to use. Installation is pretty simple…

1) Download the XenClient ISO image from
2) Install the ISO image on your laptop – NOTE: this will erase all content on your laptop so don’t use a machine with critical information
3) From here, I created three new Virtual Machines – Windows 7, Fedora 13, and Ubuntu 10.04
a) The Windows 7 VM has an extra step after installation to load the PV Drivers
b) I was able to pass thru the Wireless Network to each VM by connecting in the XenClient management screen before starting the VMs
c) Citrix is not officially supporting Linux on XenClient yet but it does work fine

Total time to get his up and running was less than an hour.  Go ahead try it for yourself and share your thoughts on the new XenClient Facebook group at!/XenClient.

One final comment, I am seeing an issue when trying to run the laptop in docked mode as the Dom0 management tool does not show up on my monitor; however, it works fine when not docked.

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  1. NetTrix says

    Ubutuntu 10.04 i386 works. I tried x64 bit, but it isn’t recognizing the CD.

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