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Xen hack-a-tron day 1

After coffee, breakfast and introductions the Xen hackathon went into full swing. 26 people from a different companies, universities and countries attended the event. Lots of discussion on project ideas, working on code and on specific problems took place.

Some of my personal highlights were:

  • Demo of the Linpicker display server for Xen based on the secure virtual platform
  • Working on the libxenlight driver for libvirt
  • Developing the SSL protocol in OCaml using the Mirage framework
  • Planning new features in libxl, such as block device scripts
  • Prototyping and planning the port XAPI to libxenlight

We also had unexpected outcomes, such as a the creation of new project ideas for GSoC. There was also discussion about a new community driven project: more on this later; it is worth much more coverage than I can give today. And of course people were getting to know each other better.

After a hard day’s work, we are all looking forward to some food and beer at The Castle pub. A big thank you to Ian Campell who did most of the groundwork in terms of organizing the event. And of course there are two more days to go.

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