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XCP 1.1 Beta Release

The XCP project team would like to let you know that we have released XCP 1.1 beta today. While this is only a minor version bump from XCP 1.0, there are quite a few new features included with this release:

  • Security updates and bug fixes
  • IntelliCache: Enables you to use a combination of Shared storage and local storage caching.
  • Local Storage Spans All Physical Volumes: When EXT local storage is used on a host containing multiple physical disks, the local Storage Repository (SR) now spans all the disks in a single LVM volume group.
  • Reset-on-boot VM behaviour: Disks with the on-boot option set to reset, is now available for disks in any type of SR. (Previously it was only available for disks in NFS and EXT SRs.)
  • Block SCSI Generic Support: BSG support added enabling full compatibility with Emulex and QLogic management functionality.
  • Enhanced guest OS support: Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6.

The beta will continue until the community is satisfied that we have resolved all critical bugs, but we hope to publish XCP 1.1 final release in late July. If you do believe you have found a bug with the beta, please report it to the xen-api mailing list with the subject “XCP BETA BUG: <brief description of bug>“.

The next major release of XCP will be released as beta later this month. For more information, see the XCP Roadmap page on the wiki.

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  1. webhostingreview says

    Thanks for new minor release of XCP of 1.1 beta version,It will be securing updation for xcp.

  2. d95217686 says

    XCP 1.1 beta seems add many restrictions as well. such as dynamic memory restricted in XCP1.1. It is only of the the many restrictions, once you upgrade to it, you will find many features are being blocked, including VMPR, AD integration, etc etc.

  3. djshurik says

    Even HA has been removed. This is what I get when I try to enable it:
    “This operation is not allowed under your license. Please contact your support representative.”
    And that is on the open source platform. There was nothing in the release notes about it. All we really ever needed was a simple cloud solution. And it is screwed as well without notice.

  4. Mike McClurg says

    I’m sorry you feel that way about XCP. HA has never been a part of XCP, as Citrix considers it proprietary code and hasn’t open-sourced it yet. For the record, HA and Work Load Balancing are two of the only features of XenServer that have not been open-sourced in XCP. Take a look at the XCP/XenServer feature matrix for more details:

    Please let me know if you ever find a “simple” cloud solution, because I’m still looking for it myself.

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