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XCP 1.1 has landed!

The XCP team would like to announce that we have released XCP 1.1. I wanted to thank community members who have tested RC1 for doing so and wanted to let you know that no significant issues have been found. Thus, we promoted the XCP 1.1 RC1 release candidate to final release status: so if you’ve already installed the RC1 release, there is no reason to upgrade.

New XCP Features
Here are some features included in XCP 1.1:

  • Security updates and bug fixes
  • IntelliCache: Enables you to use a combination of Shared storage and local storage caching.
  • Local Storage Spans All Physical Volumes: When EXT local storage is used on a host containing multiple physical disks, the local Storage Repository (SR) now spans all the disks in a single LVM volume group.
  • Reset-on-boot VM behaviour: Disks with the on-boot option set to reset, is now available for disks in any type of SR. (Previously it was only available for disks in NFS and EXT SRs.)
  • Enhanced guest OS support: Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6.
  • For OpenStack and others: support for ebtables and other netfilter options have been added to the kernel. These options have been disabled by default, but can be re-enabled with simple sysctl commands. These are the same kernel changes that will be included the upcoming XCP 1.5 release and have been included in XenServer 6.0.
  • The Xapi version override feature has been added back in. This allows users to effectively rebrand their XCP boxes as XenServer hosts, in order to work better with products such as XenCenter.

Thank you!
Thanks again to all our beta testers. And extra thanks to everyone for being exceedingly patient with our long beta period! We’re in the middle of revamping our internal build system right now. Once we finish this work, XCP releases should be easier for us to produce. This work will also allow us to produce development snapshots of XCP releases in between stable point releases, to allow people to test new features as they make it into XCP’s and XenServer’s mainline.

I hope everyone enjoys using XCP 1.1. Keep an eye out here for news on the upcoming XCP 1.5 release schedule!

New Docs!
Note that new XCP documentation has been written on the wiki: thank you to the community members who have contributed. In particular I wanted to thank Andrew Eross from Locatrix for the new XCP HowTo documents. We still need to create a nice and easy to use index for XCP docs, but in the meantime you can easily find the docs by searching for XCP.

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  1. lexalt says

    Nether XCP 1,1 nor Citrix XenServer 6.0 can be installed my home test server without undue effort because neither includes driver support for my server’s Atheros NIC. CentOS 5.6 also seems to lack out-of-box support for my server’s Atheros NIC, which probably explains why XCP lack of support. On the other hand, Fedora 16 runs great on my server and, owing to its 3.1 kernel, seems to play well with Xen 4.1.

    With the above in mind…

    I hope that future editions of XCP will be based Fedora instead than CentOS. I mean, what’s the point of offering a repackaged XenServer? Rather than just clone XenServer, XCP should be the cutting edge alternative, much like Fedora is the cutting edge alternative to RHEL.

  2. Mike McClurg says

    We currently don’t have any plans to change XCP’s dom0 to Fedora, or any other distro. By their nature, XCP and XenServer will always be tightly linked — and we think this is a good thing. In the future (early to mid 2012), XCP will start offering development previews of future releases of XCP (and XenServer), and truly become XenServer’s “development branch”.

    Project Kronos aims to fill the need that you’ve expressed, by porting the XCP toolstack to Debian and Ubuntu. These were our first choice OSs, but we’d like to port XCP to other distros as well, including Fedora. If anyone is offering to help, please feel free to contact the mailing list to start the discussion.

  3. lexalt says

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks much for the reply. Good to hear that XCP will eventually become XenServer’s development branch. Hopefully, a result of that branch will be better hardware compatibility. For me, the ideal situation would be for XenServer and/or XPC to eventually recognize my Atheros NIC out of the box, as Fedora 16 and Ubuntu 11.10 currently do.

    But yep, in the near term, Project Kronos seems like my best bet. And that’s why I’m eagerly anticipating its release on whatever platform, Debian, Ubuntu or Fedora, that is most expedient. :-)

  4. lexalt says


    I just noticed that the installation instructions for Kronos were updated on December 16th. Hopefully this means that a production version of Kronos is around the corner. Yippee!

    Just to clarify and/or emphasize a point that I tried to make previously…

    Even though I eagerly anticipate the arrival of a production version of Kronos as a solution for those of us who are unable to install XCP due to a hardware incompatibility, I would still greatly prefer to be able to install XCP directly on my current hardware. And so I still very much hope that XCP will extend its compatibility to a larger pool of hardware.

    I suspect that CentOS 6.x offers better hardware support than does CentOS 5.x. For example, at least for my server, CentOS 6.1 recognizes my Atheros NIC out of the box, whereas CentOS 5.6 doesn’t. (I haven’t tried CentOS 5.7.) So even if Fedora will never serve as Dom0 for XCP, then I hope you’ll t least use CentOS 6.x as the Dom0 for XCP as soon as possible.

    Being that XCP will serve as the “development branch” of XenServer, is a move toward using CentOS 6.x as the Dom0 a near-term priority for XCP? Any chance CentOS 6.x will serve as the Dom0 in the forthcoming XCP 1.5?

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