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Improving the Project Kronos pages

We had a look at the documentation for Project Kronos, and decided that it needed some significant improvement, so there’s been a good deal of rewriting and restructuring.

You’ll now find a Project Kronos main page, with an introduction to the project, and a set of pages linked off it detailing the steps needed to go from a plain Debian or Ubuntu installation through to a working Xen + XCP implementation and working guest VMs.

We’ve also combined the documentation for Debian and Ubuntu into one set of instructions, noting differences where relevant.

Hopefully, this is going to make life much easier for people looking to try out XCP.

We’ve also tried to clarify the differences between the two ways of using XCP: as an ISO to install a complete system, or as a set of packages to set the XCP toolstack up as an addition to an existing Linux installation (as per Kronos).

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  1. Xyber says

    I have been reading thru the Kronos Wiki page and where it talks about installing the XCP toolstack here a lot lately as I am trying to get Xen + XCP to work on Ubuntu Oneiric 11.10. However, I have also noticed that the Kronos Wiki pages does have some errors and suppose needs improvement and rewriting.

    I have come across a number of errors or bugs while working with Ubuntu Oneiric 11.10 that would be nice if maybe the Kronos page reflected. So I will point out here what I found:

    These are really Ubuntu 11.10 bugs so not really XCP related, and as it was slightly annoying, it was easy to fix. I also used a fresh install of Ubuntu 11.10

    - When using gksudo, you get an error:

    (gksudo:2081): Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme engine in
    module_path: “pixmap”,

    This was fixed by running:

    sudo apt-get install gtk2-engines-pixbuf

    - When using gedit, you get an error:

    (gedit:2212): Gtk-WARNING **: Attempting to store changes into
    `/root/.local/share/… AND
    (gedit:2212): Gtk-WARNING **: Attempting to set the permissions of

    This was fixed by running:

    sudo mkdir -p /root/.local/share

    - Since to get Xen to run, one has to setup a bridged network using the bridge-utils. However, the latest release of bridge-utils is that gets installed synaptic is 1.5-2ubuntu1.1 which has a bug in it that once you setup a bridged network in the /etc/network/interfaces and reboot, the network just will not connect.

    The solution was restore /etc/network/interfaces to its default, remove bridge-utils 1.5-2ubuntu1.1, manually install bridge-utils 1.5-2ubuntu1, redo the /etc/network/interfaces settings, reboot and I was able to go on the net. However, I never fully tested it with xen running and within any DomU.

    - I guess this is a minor Error on the XCP page, but under the heading Workaround xcp-networkd missing file (Ubuntu), it shows to do:

    echo “bridge” >> /etc/xcp/network.conf

    But in Ubuntu, it gives you a permission denied error. Even if you put SUDO in front of echo, it does not work and I guess that is not how you do it anyways.

    So the solution was simply by running this:

    sudo sh -c ‘echo “bridge” >> /etc/xcp/network.conf’

    I guess most of these are minor errors, BUT can get a little annoying or frustrating when you are just starting out in Xen, Linux, etc and having to search for hours to find the answer you seek. SO figured I pint these out here and maybe someone will update the wiki pages.

  2. Lars says

    Xyber: would you awfully mind adding these comments to … That way others can see the page too and fix these

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