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Xen 4.1.5 & 4.2.2, Xen Document and Xen 4.3 Test Days

Xen 4.1.5 and 4.2.2 Releases

We are pleased to announce the release of the Xen 4.1.5 and 4.2.2 maintenance releases. These are immediately available from their respective Git repositories and from the Xen Project download pages

Both maintenance releases contain fixes for critical security vulnerabilities and many bug fixes and improvements (about 50 in Xen 4.1.5 and 100 in Xen 4.2.2). For more details check the Xen Project download pages. Xen releases are source releases: you can find build instructions on the Xen Project Wiki. Linux and BSD distros tend to supply updated versions of Xen with a delay based on their release cycle.

The next Xen Document Day is on Monday April 29th

Also just a quick reminder that next Monday is a Xen Document Day. Document Days are for people who care about Xen Documentation and want to improve it. Everybody who can and wants contribute is welcome to join! For a list of items that need work, check out the community maintained TODO and wishlist. We also have a few beginners items in the list. Of course, you can work on anything you like: the list just provides suggestions.

See you on IRC : #xendocs @ freenode !

Xen 4.3 Test Days

You may have seen that Xen 4.3 is now in code freeze and that we are starting to produce release candidates. Last year, we trialled Xen Test Days and felt this is a good way to harness user feedback in a more organized and fun way. For more information see Xen Test Days on the Wiki for more information. The planned dates for the Xen 4.3 Test Days are:

  • May 8th, 2013
  • May 22nd, 2013
  • June 5th, 2013

See you on IRC : #xentest @ freenode !

Xen Project Events Pages

Note that I will be publishing Xen Document and Test Days – alongside other events – on the Xen Project Event Pages. It is also possible to use the web interface of, to add events to your calendar. Also, community members can add their own events: for example if you speak about Xen at an event, why not just add yourself?

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Continuing the Discussion

  1. Обновление Xen 4.1.5 и 4.2.2 с устранением уязвимостей | — Всероссийский портал о UNIX-системах linked to this post on April 26, 2013

    [...] Доступны корректирующие релизы свободного гипервизора Xen — 4.2.2 и 4.1.5, в которых отмечается только исправление около ста ошибок. Отдельно обращается внимание на то, что выпуске 4.2.2 устранено одиннадцать, а в выпуске 4.1.5 — восемь уязвимостей, некоторые из который имеют характер критических проблем безопасности. [...]

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